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Young AdultsThe Sangkheum Program for Young Adults has been designed to benefit resident young adults at the Sangkheum Center for Children who must leave at age 18, and is a two-stage program. The first part, the Preparation Program is a course designed for entry to employment and training, and preparing the young adult for life outside the Sangkheum Center. The second part, the Integration Program , is designed to integrate Sangkheum's young adults into the community with the support they need to achieve full independence.

Our aim is that all young adults leave the Sangkheum Center for Children with the necessary education, skills, further education prospects or work prospects to ensure their successful transition from a resident child in the Sangkheum Center for Children to an independent young adult.




PreparationThe 2 year preparation program provides education and life skills through a comprehensive curriculum containing education and training in Personal, Social and Health Education, supplemental languages, IT skills, and other topics. In addition to theoretical subjects it also contains work placement training and excursions to culturally and environmentally important locations. The program runs parallel with their last years of Khmer high school education.

During the program the young adults, with guidance from the program staff, will get career guidance and Q&A sessions to be able to choose the most appropriate work or education options pursuing their desired career path. The second year of the program is built to suit the individual training and education needs of the young adults before they enter the Community Integration Program.


Following the graduation from the Preparation Program the young adults are re-located from The Sangkheum Center for Children to a house in Siem Reap. This is their first step towards real independence, but for the duration of 1.5 years they will be monitored and supported by our designated staff from The Sangkheum Center for Children.

During this period the young adults will go into work training or chosen higher education. The direct work training is done within the actual line of work the young adult has expressed interest in through either a direct placement in a work environment or through vocational training in other institutions. In addition to the actual training this also creates opportunities to find a job once the training is completed.

Upon finalizing the 1,5 year CIP the young adults have reached independence and will be able to financially sustain themselves and become a responsible member of their community.

In addition we provide our non-residential young adults support and guidance into training schools, ensuring that they as well are able to sustain themselves and support their families.


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